Monday, November 28, 2011

Eternal : Crossover with FH

Hey wordup peeps, It's my new work. not just only me because this work were finished up with Farhana Hazwani. Thanks ana :) So it is OUR work. We choose the owl as a vector subject. Theres nothing much to say cause im not good in essay wirting. haha. just like usual my brain always getting slow mo for make a long writing. take a look at this work. And have a nice day peeps. Cheers!


Sunday, November 20, 2011

Typography - color test (Farhana)

Word up people? this is my latest work. its a vector with a typography design. I wrote Farhana. Its my first try to combind a typography with a nice scheme colour using a software. Dedicated to her and she like it ;) check it out. guys!

Typography : Farhana

Hi FH photo manipulation

Yo fellas. this is my 2nd work. its an image manipulation. I'm still new and i'm still learning. i just like this concept but i know i'm not good in photo manipulation. And again, owl used as a subject matter.

Hi FH!

Colorful Owl

Hello peeps. i've spent my sem break with making a vector design. Dedicated to the someone special in my life. Yes she cheers me ;) a design with colorful/cute concept. haha. check it out peeps!

The Colorful Owl